Project: A Brain-Computer-Based application for a grabbing movement training for stroke patients.
Description:The objective was to explore the potential of Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) for rehabilitation of motor functions of stroke patients. Specifically, the people in interest are those who suffer impairments related to motor and sensory abilities. Within the motor impairments, the focus is on the action of grabbing objects. We conducted a number of ethnographic studies with the target group and therapists to inform us about the process of rehabilitation and user needs in context and later to inform the design of the prototype. 
Role: Preparing Ethnographic studies material, Conducting user studies (Observer and Note-taker, Deriving design considerations from user studies (Data Analysis), User Interface Design, Prototyping (Adobe XD), Preparing and conducting system testing (Qualitative and Quantitative)
Date: 2019
Type of project: Bachelor thesis

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